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Sunday, October 21, 2012

An 'arts have it' weekend

Houston Aeros show their mettle. After  2:2 and 2:1 losses they come back with two wins 5:3 and 5:2. Which is, all considered, not bad at all. Most goals were slapped in by the new Boyz with some help from a seasoned veteran or two (IF one can call a 23 -24 year old a veteran :-) ). 
And another game was on tonight!  Which, I just heard, was lost on a PP in overtime 4-5 to the Milwaukee Admirals. 
Well, two out of 3 is not bad, isn't it?

A game, we have missed again since we were in a garret in Paris :-), 
with starving Bohemians and a sick milliner in LA BOHEME at HGO!

Ambling through the MFAH's extensive 'Henry Ossawa Tanner' exhibit and then the 'American Made' exhibit (of Museum own oeuvres) of photos, sculptures, paintings, vases, lamps, furniture and much more, we were overwhelmed by the abundance of beautiful and exciting, but also mysterious art.


Notrte Dame
Especially some of Tanners' religious paintings seemed shrouded in the mists of mystery! 
Here Mary's Annunciation of the birth by the Angel represented by the luminous column of light to the left!

La Boheme needs little introduction:  
Katie Van Kooten=Mimi
The main characters are sung by a steely voiced Katie Van Kooten-Mimi, 
Dimitri Pittas, a powerhouse tenor, is her Rodolfo, with warm baritone Joshua Hopkins as Marcello, rich Bass-Baritone Michael Sumuel as Chaunard and South African deep bass Vulani Mlindi as Colline. Others in the cast: veteran Baritone Hector Vazques as Benoit and Alcindoro, as today's Einspringer for an ailing Robert Pomakov (Benoit). 
Evan Rogister conducted, John Caird directed. 
Houston Grand Opera Chorus and children chorus did  their usual great job. There was a chemistry on stage which translated well into the audience who seemed spell bound.. and at the end tears were observed rolling down some cheeks. Such is the power of  Puccini's music sung deeply felt.
The set was - shall we say - more or less traditional, the costumes were very turn of century; bustles and ruffles for the ladies, Stovepipe hats for gentlemen. And not too raggedy clothes for the bohemians ;-)!
What more can I say, 
Puccini's music interpreted as beautifully as was done by these young singers seemed utterly realistic.
Vulani Mlindi=Colline
Michael Sumuel
Dmitri Pittas=Rodolfo
Joshua Hopkins=Marcello
Heidi Stober=Musetta

Enjoy a bit of  Act 4 below.

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