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Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Real Estate Wars?

You are tired of the ups and, especially, the downs of conventional real estate.
You ought  to try something "new"! If you live in a high density (condos, apartments) inner city in the USA, or for that matter everywhere in the world, consider buying parking spaces instead!
Parking space is just as physical a property as a plot for any building that can be bought, rented or sold. Some spaces sell for $100,000 to $250,000+ per spot in densely populated cities such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, dealing in parking spaces seems to be booming!

The old cities of Europe, core size proscribed by city walls torn down in the 1800's as they no longer provided adequate protection, had the problem to find adequate space for anything for quite some time - one built UP not OUT.
Especially BC (before cars) the closeness of thoroughfares with trams, horse drawn, later electric, was a most decisive factor where to rent/buy/live for easy access to work. Of course, old and older tunnels and settlements lie beneath  today's cities and are constantly being unearthed as we dig deeper into the ground to make room for parking garages,
foundation of a museum in Frankfurt, underground railroads, highway tunnels, etc.

And in the case of cemetery plots, some are rented out for 10 years. Did one default on the rent,  it went to the next renter until the lot was filled with the specified number of caskets and urns permitted! And the 'dearly departed' ended up in ossuaries, some beautifully decorated.
So you see, chers readers, the battle for space for the living and the dead has been going on for quite some time.

Old Marx cemetery ( in use 1784-1874) 3rd District of Vienna contains initial grave of Mozart whose actual spot is no longer known.

Leaving you with this to muse on for the day:


Anonymous said...

Really, I did not know that about grave rentals. Is is like that all over Europe ?

artandhockey said...

@anon That I cannot swear to, but in certain aprts of Austria it has been done for centuries.