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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Double Trouble?

Doppelgaenger. Most of us have one.
Somewhere out there is a human that looks just like me!
Do you have one, too?

Throughout history fascinating stories are told of people who claim to have met apparitions of themselves -
their doppelgangers. "Doppelgaenger" is German for "double walker" .
It is assumed to be a shadowy self that follows everyone of us.
Traditionally it is said only the owner of the doppelganger can actually see this shadowy self which often is an omen of death. 
Another Doppelgaenger explanation is that a person can project his or her double, known as a "wraith," to a distant site.
Not this 'wraith' though :-)

One of the best known series on the subject of Doppelgaenger is probably, Serling's "The Twilight Zone" wherein the woman Millicent Barnes is waiting at a local bus stop. She asks the man at the ticket window when the late bus will arrive; who answers that she already has been and asked that. She has not been there before, however! As she heads into women's lavatory, she looks into the mirror, and sees two of herself. Later she meets a man, who believes her to be crazy and calls the police - then he discovers he has a twin too.

Perhaps it is the duality in one's self
The Two Fridas 1939
Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) painted a series in which the rift within herself caused by emotional upheaval and self doubt becomes more and more pronounced. The height of that series is The Two Fridas.
Just supposing - Frida's expressing the Yin and Yang of her life?
Right is the Mexican Frida in traditional tehuana dress while left is European Frida in a colonial white dress.
The two Fridas sit on a green bench, holding hands.
Their exposed hearts, perhaps, represent the pain she suffered by the many betrayals of Diego Rivera, whom she finally divorced. Again just supposing!

Today we call Look-alikes Doppelgaenger but that's not quite correct.
Look-alikes are not Doppelgaengers in the literal sense. 
Want to find yours check it out here.

And then there are Body Doubles in movies and
Stand Ins for political leaders...
Napoleon had one, so did Sir Bernard Montgomery ,

Hitler, Stalin, Churchill (voice stand in only) to name a few.

Impersonators are made up to look like and may adopt mannerisms and facial expressions, plus vocal quality of certain others - think ELVIS! Ryan Pelton as the foremost FAUX Elvis.

Or these guys of the Lincon Presenters Association at their 12th Meeting

Even Mushrooms have their Doppelgaengers- here some of the edible ones of one family:

Boletus scaber

 Boletus edulis

Boletos rufus

not to be confused with some of the poisonous ones of another family:
Amanita muscaria

Amanita phalloides

Amanita ocreata
Here is Franz Schubert's compostion sung by Baritone Dietrich Fischer Dieskau with expressive emotion:

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