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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seattle - coming and going...

On  day one in Seattle (before embarking) The Museum of Flight took our breath away...
planes, planes and more planes, old and new...
'The Newsboy Plane delivers not just mail

 A WW I plane looms overhead

Speed and altitude of an SST

SST- ready for take off to Paris? Naw retired, alas.

And this is the one in which previous Prezzies flew!
The current one has a new AF ONE!

Space Needle and
Monorail  Track
Just a rather eye catching ad?  as seen from above

Seattle Waterfront
 And Dinner at Pikes market
 after all that, we were NOT "Sleepless in Seattle' at all... LOL.

After the cruise a visit to Seattle ART Museum a must, lunch included and strolling back to hotel up and  down those steep streets...good exercise after the cruise, eh?

Protesting - or just gossip huddles?

 Lumiere.. but no son!

African Jewelry and artifacts
Watchdog with key to wind up LOL?

A real stick figure reflected inside the  this coat of many 'dogtags'.

but my real favorites were the "Caterpillar Suits" by South African Artist Walter Oltman

"Leaves" kinda look like waves- but then we saw so many of those!

And last but not least.. some textiles and furniture

Man and Black Square... my tongue in cheek title of these 2 pieces.

And to round it all out... we have to have well rounded trips, don't we?
a Hockey Game by 16-20 years old  'boys' what fun.. full house and - fans there, too, did not like the on ice officials.. all 4 of them (FOUR at a Minor Game?) 
So they screamed THAT chant that Aeros fans here use for opposing goalies....
just hockey lore I guess ;-)!
The Everett Silvertips vs Kelowna Rockets.

Boys - quick on skates, some more so than others.
Goalies lanky and agile.

How the fans feel about him!

Coach Love
Adam Brown for Kelowna, won the shoot out for them.
Kent Simpson a bit slow in getting up for rebounds, seemed to me
Skaters with promise (in my eyes anyway) Cody Chikie,
good sense of where to be effectively,center of the Rockets;
and of the Silvertips Josh Birkholz (20) , RW , a speedy skater; and Ryan Murray (19) on Defense did quite well in penalty kill.

That one went in past Simpson

 Brown pushing puck out and away and after a OT and Shoot Ourt the Rockets went home with their first win of the season
But as our knowledgeable host (below in deep thinking mode!) said, the Tips have a new coaching staff, lots of new players that need to be welded into a team yet,
and the Rockets had several returning players used to their coaching staff!
Not all is lost, judging from the onslaught of fans waiting in huge lines to get into the shop the TIPS are well liked and supported. I could NOT believe my eyes seeing all that merchandise with Silvertips emblems.. key rings, glasses, hands, sweat shirts, Tees, Jerseys, gloves, scarves, flashlights... you name it was there.
Also  player packets and some even had Kevin Constantine still on it - after all those years - he is not forgotten.

All photos in these three posts by artandhockey


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