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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lappers, Flappers and Joggers

Since the indoor pool where I normally exercise is closed for 'rejuvenation' the outdoor one has to suffice!

That is to say I haven't quite found THE perfect time yet for my water exercises!
Either too hot, too crowded, too sunny, too early, too late.. whatever.
But going I am, daily!

Now the outdoor adult exercisers/swimmers can be, I found,
categoricarized into three:  Lappers, Flappers and Joggers

There are those sleek, toned-to-the-hild, bronzed ,minimalistically clad swimmers of either gender, that knife through water without so much as a splash :-), lap after lap - our  LAPPERS. They wear close fitted swim caps and dark googles, swim with fins - sometimes, and waterweb mittens, too..to increase their speed - all seemingly training for the next Olympics :-) -  totally engrossed to the exclusion of anything but sleeking through the blue - back and forth!

Then, we have the 'head-up-don't-get-my-hairdo-wet' ladies, and a few gents, slowly paddling lap after lap - our FLAPPERS. They wear an assortment of  baseball caps, sometimes fins, 
sarongy suits and long legged trunks,
over much rounder bodies.  Keeping steady time - maybe breaking once or twice for a brief chat with fellow lane Flappers - to catch their breaths!

And then there are the JOGGERS:
Mostly women, more mature and rounder :-), often skirted, maybe sarong suited, behatted with really WIDE brims,
aquabeltedWater Aerobics Fitness Equipment AquaJogger Junior Water Aerobic ... (to keep upright) and swinging aquebellsSwim Aids Water Fitness - Adjustable Belt Float for emphasis. Majestically 'jogging',"cycling', 'rowing' (well that one has to be done without a hat) through water (now I said through not on-that would be a miracle) while exercising minds, ahem mouths, as we are oh, so social! Gotta keep up with comings and goings of our fellow joggers from the day before or maybe two days ago! Right!
Anyway, it is relaxing and refreshing - just being in the water (still relatively cool in the AM)
and flexing stiffening older joints!
It really works - the flexing I mean.
One feels like a teenagers again, erm, superannuated teenager for sure!
But what do I care. I do feel better!
Every Day.
For 45 minutes, at least!
Come swim with me!!!


Water Rat said...

Very funny!

artandhockey said...

@ Water Rat... aha..
Could you be the one with green folded hat? Just asking!