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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Spanish Bow

Just finished The Spanish Bow,
by Andromeda Romano-Lax.

All of the over 550 pages in one sitting.
It was impossible to put down, so sleep had to take a back seat.

If you enjoy reading about music and musicians as a novel, this book is for you. Highly recommended!

According to the author (journalist, travel writer and amateur cellist) Feliu is loosely based on the life of Spanish Catalan Cellist Pablo Casals. Al Cerraz on Isaac Albeniz, composer pianist with several real life  a pleasure to read with continuous fascination.

Spanning a world from the late 1800's through Spanish Civil War to World War Two and forward, it is a sweeping novel, tinged with real passion.
Real historic personages appear as well:  Spanish queens, kings, European dictators, and more.
Painters like Monet, and Picasso with his famous Guernica  
Composers like Manuel De Falla.
Places in Spain, the birthplace of Delargo.
France, England, Germany, even the USA

All seen through the eyes of the protagonist, serious cellist Feliu Delargo, in sometimes company of pianist and viveur/ flaneur Al Cerraz. Love interest is provided by the Italian Jewish Violinist Aviva, on a quest to find her son, given up for adoption. Which leads her into Germany, and finally to her death during the Nazi Occupation of France.
CelloCello Bow

Throughout the novel and life of Feliu J. S. BACH plays a big role and so here is Pablo (Pau) Casals

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