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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Requiescat en Pace

I  remember that morning!
I  was on call at the Austrian Consulate, when a friend phoned yelling:
"Turn on the TV"! Turn on the TV"!
I did.
And witnessed in utter disbelief and horror the second plane striking.
For the rest of that day, and the ones following, I had no head to do much else but watch, read and sorrow.
I tried frantically,  for many hours, to reach friends living and working in NY.
Specifically one who had been at the trade center during the earlier attack and was then, thankfully, unscathed.
I don't really remember too clearly for how many times I dialed.
One could not get through.
Finally I did, and she was OK.
Later I learned of another 'almost' victim.
The daughter of an old friend from way back, was slated to leave from Boston for LA.
She - thankfully - missed her - THAT -  flight.

She finally found someone driving all the way across who was willing to add her to the crowd in the car, dropping some on the way across to LA.
She arrived, tired, dirty BUT alive at home several days later!
This tragedy touched everyone one way or another, directly or tangentially.

I cannot forget.
That image is etched into my mind, forever!

 Remembering, Honoring, Reflecting, Giving Thanks.

                                          May all the Fallen Rest in Peace, this year and then:

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Anonymous said...

Well put. I remember as well. And never want to experience anything like it again.