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Split personality. Liking the arts, especially opera, and hockey and Los Toros. I know, I know THAT one is non pc currently. But I can't help it saw some in Spain and got hooked, but good. But on the other hand right now opera and hockey are in the forefront!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hockey Fever

Judging from the blogs and articles making the rounds in the Hockey World... fans are ready everywhere for some hot and heavy action. Summery gossip and blahs are definitely on the way out! All over opinions and comments are sprouting wings.
Those could keep a reader busy 24 hours IF we let ourselves to be sucked into twitter,
Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and more.

I just cannot see how one person can do it all.
And carry on a normal life (family, cleaning, shopping, cooking)
and let's not forget relaxing with one's favorite pasttimes, other than hockey!
And that brings me to a question for you: Have YOU read a good book lately?

Watching Waterfalls and Relaxing

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