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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Desert Hockey, Remembering...

A friend, currently on assignment in Dubai, trying to spread a bit of cheer, emails me that there is hockey in the desert :-)!  And  here is more if you want to learn about the Mighty Camels of the Emirate Hockey League!
Dubai Ice rink

And the Ladies play too in Dubai-
But does that surprise us?

Not when we already have read about Dubai's Winter Wonderland.
An Abu Dhabi Hockey goalie
And of course, there are Ice hockey teams in other lands :
Hockey in Japan quickly gained momentum. Hockey is intensively developing in northern Italy. Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia also have hockey clubs.Hockey is played in UAE - the United Arab Emirates: The Abu Dhabi Scorpios and the Dubai Mighty Camels and South Africa: "Bafana-Bafana or The Boys"
Other teams' fancy monikers :-):
The Indomitable Lions (Cameroun),
The Super Eagles (Nigeria),
The Squirrels (Benin),
The Desert Foxes (Algeria),
The Wasps (Rwanda),
The Burkina Stallions (Burkina Faso),
The Pharaohs (Egypt),  No, this is not their goalies' mask LOL!
The Warriors (Zimbabwe),

Regional hockey leagues model themselves on European and American examples.
Hockey leagues in Australia and Asia as well make it easier for hockey teams of non-hockey countries to exchange experiences. And surprisingly, there are others in Indonesia, Turkey, Luxembourg, Mexico, Greece, Israel, China....                             a clip of a game between Israel and China below:

 KHL hockey Players mourned in Russia, Czech Republic and around the Hockey world. Teams in the KHL stand ready to revive Jaroslavl Lokomotiv, promised League Pres. Alexander Medvedev. He added that all Russian hockey clubs have confirmed their readiness to provide financial support to the families of the dead hockey players.


September 11-ten years later?
 Will we forget - NO.


September 11-ten years later?
Will we forgive- Maybe!

Memorials of 9/11
at the Pentagon 
Shanksville, PA
In New York
And for the fallen First responders:
Manhattan Beach Memorial Staten Island

And even in Christchurch, NZ memorial to Firefighters

And in Bayonne. NJ...donated by Russia:

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