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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blooms in the Northern Sun

 and the SUN also rises.... In Victoria.

 Helicopter Rush Hour starts

 Water traffic... fishing or just sailing?

 But never mind ....The Butchart's Gardens are waiting...
A formal Italian Garden
BEE? ahumming
Garden Paths

The Sunken Garden
And blooms and blossoms....
The Japanese Garden
as far as the eye can see 
 and a Totem Pole or two,

a MerryGoRound are not to be missed as well.

And on the way back we pass the Empress Hotel where having
High Tea is a must.

Replete with warmth - ah, that sunshine and balmy weather,
the brilliant colors and hues of blossoms and trees....we say a last good bye to Victoria
And sail through a last CALM night on to Seattle .

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