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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Raining bottles...duh?

last night I dreamt of 'raining bottles'! I have no clue why or how?
Not rain IN bottles.
No, bottles like raindrops falling into the pool.
We knelt poolside and fished them out.

At one time, we did have a pool! And did have multitudes of croaking frogs keeping us awake! And literally had to catch them to have some peace at night. We did release them elsewhere-picture this two people scurrying towards a park with frogs in buckets!!!
Froggy concerts are vastly overrated to induce slumber!

There was also a 'cattery' - 'wild' cats established nurseries on our grounds.
After they had wooed eloquently right outside our bedroom windows -
a veritable 'feline lovers lane" ;-) And tiny kittens, like willow wisps, scurried hither and thither. Too fast to catch, they hid under shrubs and abundant vegetation ;-)! I felt that when THEIR time came they simply returned to that 'nursery place' which may have been imprinted on their minds?

Well, but I digress from the dream of raining bottles...
I did however looked at some 'Rene Magritte
(Nov 21, 1898 - Aug 15, 1967-Belgian Surrealist)' Paintings recently!
Who really IS a favorite artist!
His art just calls for huge imagination on the side of its viewers.
Who must dare to question the reality/reason for being of what they sees around them.
Like this one:"mankind in free fall?"
A prediction of times to come after 9/11?
And then there is this -
eerily reminding me of "big brother is watching"! Had Magritte read Orwell? One wonders!
And - wouldn't you say - Magritte was way ahead of his time with this as well?which, IMO, could very well depict the
loneliness, in these times, of a hard core smoker :-)?

And with this one:
"Bottled Life" or "Life in the bottle?"
Subtitled perhaps as
"In the clouds"- Essence for a Luftmensch?
"Heartburn ";-) - Advertisement for Maalox?
and"In Vino Femina" ;-)?

I really enjoy letting my imagination get away with me
- in a purely ironic way, of course ;-).

And on the Hockey Front:
It looks ever more iffy for Khudobin, since the Wild have re-signed Harding as BUG for one more year!
He re-signed a two way contract! And his fans are ecstatic!

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