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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cataluna bans Corridas...

What a surprise, or not, the 'PETA people', Catalonian style, win in Barcelona and Bullfighting shall be banned there. Now the PROU=Peta in Catalon are gearing up to spread their prohibition into the rest of Spain.
On the one hand, Bullfights featuring star matador Jose Tomas,are sold out weeks in advance.

On the other hand, in other parts of Spain the feeling remains strong that  "this move in reality has little to do with animal cruelty but has become a political issue in a region (Catalonia) where the idea is to ban everything that is Spanish''. The center-right Popular Party, which is fervent about the idea of Spain as a unified country run from Madrid - and also supports bullfighting - said it will fight back against the ban here.
Bull at Pamplona.."Running of the Bulls at San Fermin Fiesta"
Bullfighting is still popular in Mexico, parts of South America, southern France and Portugal.

Bullfighting was originally a sport for the aristocracy and took place on horseback, similar to the still-in-use Portuguese-style bullfight,
in which a costumed horseman, a Rejoneador, mounted on specially trained horses (see clip-traje corte)
'fights' with a rejon, but at the end the bull is escorted out, but killed in any case, since a once fought bull is no longer capable of giving good lidia.

Baroque style Dress

I realize that my experiences with Los Toros are not to everyone's cup of tea, as opera or yes, even, hockey is, but I have always enjoyed the dramatic spectacle of colors, music, ambiente, horsemen ship (in case of rejoneadas) and more,  after seeing my first one in, yes, BARCELONA, way back in the 60's. As I do enjoy opera and hockey !
Later on las corridas drew me to  Mexico City, the bordertowns. Visits to a ranch owned by retired Mexican Matador near Laredo just confirmed the special feeling for Los Toros. Although with experience, the TOROS became the draw not so much the TOREROS! Toreros seem to attract the younger aficion,  Los Toros the older groups ;-)
And so it goes.....we all are different...and that is what makes life such a challenge and rather exciting!

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