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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the ...est whatever ...Update

We now have had: the coldest, the snowiest, the hottest in the East, the wettest in the SW, and so on, day, month whatever of record per the weather folks.
We hear of the longest, the highest hockey contract offer.
We know about worst man-made disaster, treasonable leak of 'secret' papers, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, sinkhole, sandstorm,  typhoon, mudslide, forest fire, well that one seemingly has been kept at bay-it's the wettest July afterall!
THAT, ALAS IS NO LONGER TRUE.. there are huge fires in California (somewhat the usual spot for them) but even worse  are those fires in Russia, Australia and Asia.
Most obnoxiousVIP's /*stars's* 'foot in mouth' errors/missteps for which 'phony tripping off the tongue' apologies abound! All endlessly reported in the media..no one can escape that constant flow of negativity - and THAT really bugs me today.
And the list goes on and on.
If you disagree say so and "Try (a little bit harder ;-)"!

And talking about trying! What about the NEW NAHL teams in camp?  GM Dunn of the Corpus Christi IceRays is excited about the 17-20 year olds who came to try out for the team from Canada, Latvia, Alaska and other places in the US as well as homegrown ( and how grown.. several are 6'4 and taller) Texan talents. They are hard at work to show their prowess to be selected for the team, which under the rules of the NAHL cannot exceed 23 players by October 1st. And that is why I really like to watch the "Future Stars", may it be, of hockey, the arts, opera or matadors...youngsters of all kinds working hard to show off their talents.
BUT talent - seen as a gift - must be there first on which to build a successful career.
Especially so in opera - without a VOICE no one can make it - as this soprano who does have IT, currently at HGO Studio and  now singing in Santa Fe, shows..

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