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Thursday, July 29, 2010

For a place in the spotlight....

people will go to extremes and so there you have:
Bra fashions from almost chaste (although raising eyebrows THEN)
Tina Turner

To Engineered (?)
Cher                                               Early Madonna

back to nature (albeit with some visible help ;-)
and finally to  'The firework bra' 
and "The defender bra" complete with machine guns. I did not post the Video ALEJANDRO where Lady Gaga (how appropriately named) sports this .... personal weapon! Readers, if THAT curious, can go and find it on YouTube for themselves. Let me just say I think she tries (?) to spoof Madonna as in "Don't cry for me Argentina" but with questionable taste and sentiments.
A sign of the times..no need for concealed weapons :-)!
Even the arts follow suit as in this piece or maybe it is meant to reveal the "INNER WOMAN" ..lol.
And what about length in hair some people go to ..for their second of stardom?
Veritable gardens on hats sported here at the races...nothing like the ingenuity of American race goers!
Well, this post has nothing to do with hockey and very little with arts, just a thing that bugs me-the depths of sillyness to out do anyone else.. an extreme 'matching the Joneses' perhaps.

It  does makes me wonder if  extreme and/or funny hats are seen at hockey games, too?
Anyone out there with some snapshots? Feel free to contact us and submit any amusing pictures for the enjoyment of all.

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