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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rockin' and Rollin' ..

I.M.Pei designed Clevelands' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - it really rocks.....
Over 6 stories high and filled with memorabilia of all our favorite artists.
To relive a period just click on a screen and you'll rock to the tunes of Hall of Famers...
inducted over the past decades starting in 1989.
Early on spiritual, blues and jazz, doo wop, country and western rock, even some classical and ethnic music formed the specific music of certain groups and singers.
Such as the varied songs of QUEEN

where one can hear echoes of classical composers.
Freddie Mercury had definitely a beautiful and well trained voice and sang opposite Montserrat Caballe in Barcelona

Costumes, posters,letters
instruments, photo, records and so much one needs more than a full day.
Add the numerous movies, video shows and such, and even a second day may not be enough for it all.
Hanging and costumed Trabants.
But this I took from the outside -
the sculpture of
THE glove!!
You know whose :-)!

For a complete list of inductees go to:

If one has time to spare - on day 3 or 4...
the Science Museum is just a few steps away.
The berth of the USS Mather
is there.
And a few blocks away is the USS COD,
a WWII sub..rather threatening and spooky looking.. "Have fangs to better ram you with" perhaps ;-).
Cleveland appears to be a clean, green city, breezy with wind mills here and there. Traffic was light, highways were easy to navigate.
Suburbs in Ohio all seem to be called "Heights".

Cross into Erie and the names change to "Hills"...as in rolling perhaps, because they sure are NOT high hills.
And the landscape does look like one imagines Amish lands to be. With horse, buggy, caps, hats and homespun clothes, covered bridges and fields of grapes, corn and much more.. and it all was sooo green, so very green and lush.

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