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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Trekking to Austin
Celebrating Stars
Game 1 at home
Warming up

Practising close shots on Bachmann (BUG)

A gladiators entry with 'shooting stars - fireworks'!
Calmly waiting Climie!
Besieged Climie - defense hoovering?
Bulldogs came into town with a 2 -0 lead.. but Stars managed to win the game just a few minutes into OT with the winning goal by Graham (Nr. 21), First *of the game - his first goal in play offs.
The other scorers were:
1. period Hamilton' s White ( 25), Stars' Lindgren (17)on a PP.
In period 2 Stars' Benn (14) Second * of the game, on a PP
and Gagnon (11) on a PP,
Hamilton's Glumac (15)
In the 3. period Hamilton Trotter (19) Third * of the game, on a PP and Russell (20) on a PP,
Stars' Peters (25).
Sandford in goal for Hamilton,
Climie for the Stars. here he is taking a much needed break..
(sorry Ms. C. and other goalie fans: No bottles in sight ;0)
Bulldogs seemingly faster skaters, Stars had more SOG in the 1. and 2.
Being outshot by Bulldogs in the 3.
Bulldogs Nr. 51 Desharnais reminded us quite a bit of The Scrapper (Daoust) ...
Ex-Aero Shawn Belle made his presence known and got away IMO with a few 'un-noticed-by-the-referee infractions( ref: Rehmann - who, BTW, got lots of catcalls "You s... Ref", etc.). and we'll trek there again for the 3. home game...
GO STARS - bring the Calder Cup home again to Texas!
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