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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The two Bastrops....

So we drove through the Bastrop, in Texas, on the way to Austin and the Stars' game 5 vs. Bulldogs, of which more later.
Named after spurious Felipe Enrique Neri, Baron de Bastrop,
actually the commoner Philip Hendrick Nering Boegel, born 1759 to Dutch parents in Dutch Guiana who moved with him to the Netherlands. In 1782 was married there and had 5 children. He worked as a Tax collector in Friesland, where he was accused of embezzling tax funds for personal use (history does repeat itself, eh?). So he fled Europe for America and settled for a while IN BASTROP, LA(Spanish Louisiana)Parish Courthouse andTheater in Bastrop, LA.
Where he introduced himself as Baron de Bastrop! There he was engaged in land deals making a fortune on the way, which he later lost, only to die without any funds.
Southern Living at its most gracious - hardly comparable to Bastrop, TX ;-).
After the Louisiana purchase he moved to San Antonio,Texas in 1802 posing as loyal Spanish subject and even became Deputy Alcalde in 1810. Since he had met Moses Austin some 20 years earlier in Missouri, he helped him, and later Stephen F. Austin, bring Anglo Settlers to Texas. Neri (shortened for Nering) later served in the Legislature of Coahila y Tejas and served there until his death in 1827. Much later he was revealed as Nering Boegel. But his service to and for the original families of Texas,"The Old Threehundred", was important, otherwise Texas would most likely not have been settled by Anglo-Americans.
Bastrop, TX, Courthouse and Jailhouse built 1891-92 - - one of the few Courthouses with a surving jailhouse attached. It served as such until 1974, housing guards on the first floor, cell blocks are on 2. and 3. floors, in the facade view these appear to be just one floor.
This small quaint town lies on the Colorado River, spanned by the old, for pedestrian only, bridge besides the new highway bridge, just outside the town.
and boasts of an opera house-historic landmark, as is the jail.
A bit of Texas History in a nutshell..
BTW Bastrop, TX was used to film"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in 1974, "Home Fries" in 1998, "Courage under fire" in 1996 and others. Bastrop, TX is home to a former TX Supreme Court Chief Justice; the bullrider, Sis Steiner; WWE wrestler "The Undertaker" (just what you wanted to know) as well as Tres Womack (singer/songwriter) and author Carolyn Banks.

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