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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Count down to take off...departure alert....day 31!

No, we are not flying to the Moon.
Hell, Man in the Moon!
 Just to Florida to get on board for (IMO) epic trip to the old country ;-)!

Just hope NO sinkhole opens around the hotel we stay before embarking on the ship;-).
Amazing things are happening right now.
Today is day 31 before.
Tomorrow 30 and so forth.

Preparing my chers readers for a prolonged absence of postings.
Yes, I know I should take a pad or laptop... but I really don't want to burden us down with gadgets and, especially, their adjuncts (chargers, wires, cables, adapters, etc.)
By the time one puts that all together one needs another suitcase :-)!

Never fear there will be a few more Aeros and Rampage Hockey posts with pics coming up.
Kuemps Zucker Cuma Fredheim.


Andrew J. Ferraro said...

You guys have a great trip! I can't wait to see the pics and ready about it on your blog.

And if you miss a few Aeros games, no worries. There is always the playoffs, we hope!

artandhockey said...

Play Offs.. did you say Play Offs? Andrew ;-). Yes, that would be nice to come back to hockey in JUNE!
I can't wait to head over there...even if no Bonnie lies over the ocean for me ;-).

Erika Rummel said...

Aw, no posts? Come on, no lame excuses. Don't they have computers for guest use on that cruise ship? In any case -- bon voyage!

artandhockey said...

@Erika..am sure they do, at exorbitant rates if they are not totally in use for computer classes (as they were during our latest cruise in Alaska). That area was formerly the ship's library, guess what-NO books to borrow ;-(.
So this will be 2 mos sabbatical from Facebook and blogging :-).

On top of that, several friends recently returned form over there, have returned sans their laptops/ipads/iphones :-(.
Pickpockets are rampant especially at train stations and ports!

Should withdrawal symptoms get too pressing - well, there still are a few,very few, cybercafes in Vienna (at last count down to 2), all thanks to smart phone proliferation, as told me :-).