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Monday, March 25, 2013

And then there were none... goals that is for the Rampage

Yes Sir, I know its a bottle, next time it'll be a puck, one of 39!
Lieuwen at work
Yes, it's true, yesterday's game Rampage vs Rochester ended in a Shut out 3-0 for the visitor from the East. Who had some dedicated Sabre Jersey clad Fans in the audience, right behind the Amerks' bench..
Nathan Lieuwen cold stopped Rampage's 39 shots on goal, 10 if which have to be credited a very busy Ortmeyer.
Melee-just one of many in front of Lieuwen

Ortmeyer at work

 Back soon where he usually is.. Orty
BTW Orty was were he could do the most damage - that is in front of Lieuwen, but the Amerks defense and Lieuwen was just too good. 
Orty hurt?

At one time Orty looked hurt.. but was back in the blink of an eye and back in front of the net of Lieuwen.

Timmins at face off

A wide awake and sober (Lol) Timmons (32) nailed face off after face off (photos above).
Gauthier-Leduc (34) to Gomes (12): "Hey, bud get off our goalie !" :-) it was that kind of game!
Barlow (10) skated like pursued by the devil during periods 1 and 2, but lost steam in the 3.
He also was the lucky (lol ?) winner of the most PIMs ;-). 
Sadly, most of the Rampage players seemed uncoordinated, skated, while not exactly sluggishly, certainly less energetic, missed passes..etc.
The only reason, Rampage did not loose with more goals against was entirely due to the efforts of Grumet-Morris - he did some great saves. He DID stop 9 in the 1, 5 in the 2. and all 8 in the 3.

And Rampage ought to have made some goals, the way Ortmeyer was present with his 10 shots on goal ,  Timmons had  5.
Grumet Morris save in 1.
Grumet Morris save in 3.


High Fives, y'all.

Leggio observing :-) Dov
Other observations:
Leggio (not in net this time) certainly had a grandstand view of the opposing goalie.
Helmet malfunction for Rochester-this game:-)

Got my helmet back ;-)! - no, really - a high stick save by Lieuwen!

And finally, a Leggio  rather chummy with Koharski,
the, oh so unbiased (at times-lol) ref.

Did he thanked him for officiating so well (?) at both games this weekend -just kidding!

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