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Monday, March 11, 2013

Winning is all that's cracked up to be or not?

In this news report it all sounds so easy, no?
But read carefully and you'll see that the math is slightly off.
Per the couple, they have spent $200 per week every week since 1984.
Now that makes 200 x 52 (weeks/year) $ 10.400 x 29 years=$301.600 on my calculator.
They have won in 1984  and are almost done with the take home of winnings.
They live 'modestly' so they say. And just had the 'feeling'
they would win again, and so they did.
Of course, we don't know how much they earned BEFORE the first lottery win; and how many weeks/years they spent how much money on tickets up to that time.
Having $ 200/week to spend on tickets seems to me a bit strange - unless of course they were well off so that $200 was just a drop in the bucket.
Now this report undoubtedly will inspire many, who may not be able to afford it, to go out and spend money fruitlessly on tickets - because - just maybe they,. too, get that 'feeling' of winning!
I have had that 'feeling' many a time in WINTRY  St. Louis...
but it may have traveled to SUNNY Arizona to that couple ;-).
I mean, we all like warm weather, don't we?
So why not that 'feeling' ;-) as well.

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