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Friday, March 29, 2013

Reformed Sinners make New Fanatics

It has always bothered me, as it should all thinking people, that anyone who 'reformed' from whatever addiction they practised, soon tries to cram their newly found salvation down everyone else's throat. ONLY they are right. And so they pursue that right fanatically

Why is that so?
Do they still feel guilty about having "reformed"?
Feel sorry about giving up said addiction?
Feel lonely now. and crave the company of others?
Want to 'lord' it over others still addicted?
"Being better than thou", so to speak!
Most really seem only IMO to have exchanged one addiction for another.

When it comes to food and drink:
So it's healthier, or is it?
In the case of gluten free: do we all really need to forgo gluten, if we are not sufferers from celiac disease?
What about sugar? Unless one is a diabetic, one does not need to give up sugar, not even for lent :-).
OK, meat... what is so darn wrong with enjoying the occasional piece of meat? Even raw as in Steak Tatar?
And the continuous 'discoveries' that this or that is BAD for you-at least this month. Next mont' it won't be that bad, after all. But then the next "non-flavor" of the month, the next "designer taboo" crops up.
Are we on the way to slurping pap of bland colorless, aroma less, tasteless, but oh, so 'healthy' stuff?
So maybe, those authors of science fiction who described food automats, and such, were true oracles, after all.
Even in the movies, Woody Allen's "Sleeper" could be the future,  could it not?
Just push a button and out plops the healthy gunk we might soon be prescribed to eat.
 But what if we don't?
Beware big brother or may be sister will be watching and slap you with fines or worse for disobeying the rules.

Best to practice 'moderation in anything. Variety in life is what makes it worth living!
Let me just quote: Francesco Petrarch
"Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure"
Even the Chinese had a saying:
"Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, all must be tasted".

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