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Monday, March 18, 2013

Abbotsford turnes 'caliente' in San Antonio

What an exciting afternoon game in SA with a green hued audience of about 7,000!
 Another save by Brust
Abbotsford with a revitalized Barry Brust in goal and a better coordinated defense dominated the 1. period with 15 SOGs  and 2 power play goals. As well as a fight a few minutes into it!
For Kolanos fans it will be good to know that he had two assists.
 Face Off

Brust deflects puck but not Rampage player ;-)

Brust sprawls to save
For Barry Brust fans, let me just say he was in top form, making some truly unorthodox saves, one during the Shoot Out when he went wayyyy out and successfully deflected the oncoming Rampage player's puck. The final Rampage player during the shoot out either lost his nerve a) seeing how Brust deflected all previous shots or maybe b) he lost control of the puck which just gently drifted onto Brust's stick and stopped there ;-)!

Ah, well t'was the afternoon of the Heat. The game was played fast, aggressively with seemingly no holds barred - vide 3 solid fights, which appeared to me went the Rampage way!

To sum it up, Heat went hotly into the the First, simmered in the Second, but flamed up again in the Third resulting in 4 goals, 2 SOGs in OT and finally scored  2 goals in SO.
Rampage had a slack First with no goal, revved it up in the 2. with 1 goal and hit their stride in 3. with 3 goals almost like .... bang bang bang!
AHHHH that stretch feels good !

Yippee, saved! And what a defense mob!
Doc  Grumet Morris held his own during regulation and OT but was less than stellar in the SO.

The 3 Stars of the game 1. Walter, and 2. Brust of the Heat with 3. Combs (2 goals) for SA.

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