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Monday, October 7, 2013

A little Hockey in San Antonio 2-1 for Chicago!

Woolly white clouds gamboled across an unbelievably blue sky on the way to our first hockey game.
San Antonio's New Hyatt
Which was Rampage versus Wolves. Both teams had a former Aeros on their rosters. Ortmeyer as 41 for Rampage, Locke  as 84 for Wolves.
Locke Goal in 1.
And - no surprise there, Locke snuck a wrap around the net, guarded by Dov Grumet Morris, for the first goal of the game. Wolves Jaskin scored again in the 2. period while the Rampages' Robak
Robak Goal in 3.
got one goal  during a PP in the third, to end the game with a 2-1 loss for Rampage. IMO the teams seemed to have trouble staying upright.. lost of spills and falls. In the 3. Rampage appeared to have found their ice legs (lol) and the game showed some more spirit.
No that one did not go in!

Bodies allover but no puck in net :-)
Over all the Rampage out shot the Wolves with 42 Sogs vs 23 Sogs. Credit and #1 Star went to the Jake Allen in goal for the Wolves, who has improved his game over what we used to see previously in Houston. Jaskin (for his unassisted goal)was the Nr. 2.
 and Robak the Nr 3.
Melee in front of Grumet Morris
 The crowd was a bit disappointing.. only 5671, but they sure were very vocal, those Rampage fans!  So it seemed much bigger! And before I forget, a little amusing factoid: The wolves had a Hanson (Christian) skating, the Ref was also a Hanson (Trevor) ... and I am sure (am I?) that neither was related to the Hanson Brothers of Slapstick fame. Tee hee. ;-)
Puck went that a way!
Will that be a goal for Wolves ?

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