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Monday, October 7, 2013

GAME TWO Rampage versus Rockford 3-1

 A new day dawns
Antti Raanta
And Game Two of Rampage, versus Rockford, gets underway at 7 PM. The ice seems better, fewer falls;
and the air is more frigid in the ATT Center this night.
In pain
To the bench and ultimately off ice!
The game starts on a sad note, Rockford's Antti Raanta (net minder) lies in pain, but bravely gets up and stops some more ( 4 of 4 sogs) then finally limps off with the help of teammates.
And in  comes BUG Kent Simpson, who did yeoman service. He let in just 2 goals by Matsumoto in the 2. (on a PP) and 3. periods. Goal 3. was an empty netter by Petrovich.
Simpson says NO you won't

A quick sip and I am ready:Simpson

Veteran net minder Clemmensen has his moves down pat
And later, another Icehog left the ice injured. not an auspicious start for Rockford!

Over all it was fast game;
many, many sogs by Rampage; a  team high, we have been told, of 56!

Rockford only managed 25 even though they did reve up their shooting in the 3rd to 10, when one of the Broadhursts (Alex) got the only goal for the Icehogs.

Sadly, IMO and Better Half's, too, Kent Simpson did not get any Star.  
He should have. He was very active and successful.
Chers Reader you can tell I am pro Kent ( lol)
Icehog Viktor Svedberg (Nr. 8) at 6 ft 8 (the new Chara lol?)and 235 pds does not have far to reach to catch a stray puck ;-)!
He stopped 51; Raanta 4; and the 56th sogs was, after all, an empty netter.

Clemmensen stopped 24 and he did get Nr. 2 Star.
Matsumoto Nr. 1-deservedly, and Alex Broadhusrt the 3.
A little fighting to enliven the scene!Here a scuffle between Selleck (Rampage Nr, 15 and Rockford's Nr.6 Jared Nightingale.
Note: Selleck never lost helmet, Nightingale did!

Hockey is still alive and well in Texas.

Even though the Wild pulled out. 
BTW The Minnesota Wild lost both game, this weekend, in OT!

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