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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Existential Crisis

Pperhaps. So, you think you know what that is, do you?

Have you read the papers recently? Anything that does not conform to the norm, constitutes a existential crisis. So what does that mean?

Perhaps Jean Paul Satre could explain it. Or perhaps Albert Camus. Even Soren Kierkegaard faced the problem how to describe existentialism. So who am I to try to explain it. After all every journalist of note is using it to describe everything from banking problems, politics and even questions of the human existence!

Perhaps this painting by Antje RIETSCH  represents an existential crisis. She title it Blattgestalt Nr. 1
Which somehow explains it all, doesn't it? The convoluted contortion just scream crisis to me!


Anonymous said...

Here is my recipe to deal with an existential crisis: babysit two kids under 3. The end of any crisis that involves thinking. You won't have any time for it.

artandhockey said...

That sounds like a real existential crisis - no thinking required ;-), just fast action! Act BEFORE thinking! Hmmm. Maybe you should bottle that recipe! ;-)