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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Research IS a good thing!

All those years I firmly believed that my joints could predict bad weather.
I am happy to report that I am vindicated.. 
today's WSJ says so.
It took real researchers to find it. 
Now that does make me feel better.
Because it is good to know that I was not so crazy after all, all those years. Tee Hee.

On the other hand, feeling nostalgic for the way we flew
is not for me alone, as you can find here.
Yes, indeed, the days of lounging at the piano bar in the air, are past.

The need to dress well for the trip!  Do I need  say more?

The clingy fashion, that reveals almost all, sure makes the arduous work of those dedicated TSA screeners so much easier. 
Their blue gloved hands are falling more idle these days.
I mean, what is there hidden, when the travel clothes let boobs fall out, cheeks twinkle down  below. And what in the world could one hide in the thin soled flip flops? Or on bare legs?

And speaking of the past, another article finds true value .

Yes, this mornings WSJ was full of good news,
unrelated to the current winds of change, or war,
in the Capitol ;-)!
Of course, I may have missed more good news to tell you about.
But for now these few ought to cheer you on your way ;-)

And THAT is a very good thing!


Anonymous said...

Another things your joints can predict accurately is your age!
creak= 50 plus
ouch, creak= 60 plus
OUCH, CREAK, MOAN= 70 plus

artandhockey said...

My reactions seem to fall between those lol!