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Sunday, October 13, 2013

OH! La Traviata and VIVA VERDI!

Well, we finally managed to see this opera.
2013 IS a celebration year of Verdi , everywhere. We saw Oberto in Milan earlier.

Opera in the Heights presented a version of La Traviata set in 2013 complete with iPad or equivalent. In today's dresses and suits.

Our cast in today's matinee (why matinee for an afternoon performance-that has puzzled me for awhile) was well matched vocally, IMO.

Julia Ebner sang Violetta movingly.  And reminded me of another opera icon.. in the video clip below: Maria Callas.
I have seen this opera multiple times, and yet, her singing and acting still brought not a few tears to my eyes.

Alfredo was tenor Christopher Trapani, with a pretty big voice although once or twice he didn' t quite manage the upper reaches. Overall he had Alfredo down pat.  A very youthful Domingo as Alfredo below:
His Papa, Giorgio Germont, was sung with a voice of strong, yet mellow, baritonal heft by Robert Aaron Taylor (sometimes also listed as a bass-baritone), and - while not quite as lyrical as it could have been, his solo  Di provenca.. was sung with deep feeling. Here Dmitri Hvrostovsky in concert.
Daymon Passmore, a Heights regular, was a debonair Barone, the off and on protector of Violetta. Sadly, there were few moments to enjoy his huge deep bass in a solo.
4 Chorus ladies as gypsies danced, and sang, their way into the hearts of the audience, while tenor Gerardo Nunez made a dashing matador ;-).
Photo by Gwen Juarez Turner
Accompanied by his attendants,
one in purple traje de luces (which really caught my eye ;-), Rojan Easo, also a tenor.
Megan Bertl as Flora and Maxim Bitner as Marchese, made a well-matched vocally, suitably interesting couple.
Lisa Borik, soprano, made her debut at OH as a modern Annina, more friend than maid.
I am sad to report that this afternoon was THE last performance.
A powerful production, beautifully sung, accompanied by an orchestra that out did itself, under the enthusiastic, authoritarian,  and - yes, lovingly - wielded baton of Maestro Carreon-Robledo.
A BRAVO to Opera in the Heights.


John Cramer said...

La Traviata was a huge hit as the opening production this season at Opera in the Heights. It was well done and well attended. On a personal note, this was the very first opera I studied in college. Over the years I have had many opportunities to perform this wonderful work in many different settings. I never grow tired of the music.

I can't wait for our second production next month, Don Pasquale. Hope to see you at one of the upcoming performances!

John Cramer, Concertmaster, Opera in the Heights Orchestra.

artandhockey said...

Thank you John for honest comment. And yes, you are so right. La Traviata never grows old. The music and the plot are just too engrossing. Bravo to you and the orchestre. Great job done! And thanks for reading and commenting!