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Thursday, June 21, 2012

What I wish for...

Why has no one yet invented a 'writing cap' connected to a computer? 
They've invented just about anything else already.
You ask why?
Let me explain.

In those twilight zones between sleep and waking, one's brain/mind seems to be churning out essays, novellas, maybe even novels....which, alas, sink into oblivion as soon as one is fully awake.

Oh, my dears, what novels have been produced by my semi-conscious mind racing full steam ahead and damn the PC phrases.
Only to be forgotten.

On the other hand, I seem to recall (mistily) that some twilight zones I am stuck in the first chapter.
So maybe, the 'writing cap' has to be able to discern the start of a new story,
not those endless loops of chapters one!

Or what about automatic writing?
Couldn't one hook up my hands to the typing board and let the 'fingers do the talking' as ideas pop up? So what if this is a lazy way.

Discipline is important writers tell us.
Plop yourself down and write for 4 hours or (whatever) per day.
And success will come. Or so they say!
IF one can write, methinks.  
Really write so that the readers imagination is caught and time flies.

I have, and I am sure you have as well, read or tried to read a book - only to drop it in exasperation BECAUSE it was written poorly.
The author may well have been very educated, knowledgeable, erudite...
and yet utterly boring to read.
Study texts come to mind :-)!
Which one HAS to read.
But which are not suitable for diversion.

Wouldn't you rather read steamy 'bodice rippers' (if that genre is to your taste)?
Or suspense novels placed in exotic locations?
Or if 'blood and guts' novels are your thing a la Mickey Spillane?
 Or one of those witty crime novels the British authors seem to do so well?
There are a few American authors too, that have the light touch to write addictive and amusing detective stories.
Or even some surrealistic novel, short story or its ilk? Sartre, Camus, etc.
And then there are the  "pure" romance writers, who depend lots on exclamations and exhalations!
With sexy covers with a pretty woman and a handsome hunk on them.
All of them must reel you in until the last chapter, where all is revealed :-)!
Or live happily ever after!

But whatever.
I am convinced I could, too, produce one or more novels of  the century-
IF only I had a writing cap! :-)

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