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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The beef of it all

is the, oh so, 'nuisancy' spam we get daily on our email accounts.
Or don't you? I sure do. Why? That IS the question.
Some examples here:
Hot males? Even hot black males!
Hot females? These dates are waiting for you!
Does this mean they think I swing both ways!

Canadian Viagra cheap! Now why would I want that?

Hose by Hanes. THE wonder wrinkle remover!
Buy this or that now.
Regret later maybe? (teehee)
And so much more.

I spend (seemingly) more time deleting these unwanted (and uncalled for) want ads.
Plus the scams that purport to come from 'friends' - usually starting with Hello or Hi.
Sometimes with my name added, sort of like an afterthought.
Delete Delete Delete!

Now that I got this off my chest, let's move on to dreams.

I dream, you dream, I'm sure we all dream.
Do we dream in technicolor, or black and white, or 3 D?
I know I dream. Although rarely I can actually remember it, THE dream.
I might dream in even Japanese (well, I did see Sayonara, The Seven Samurai, and Rashomon).
And there is always some music, all kinds of music :-)!
Mostly I dream in color 3 D.
And why not, life IS in 3 D, at least.
Although a forth dimension seems to creep in sometimes.
No really.
Especially after viewing Dali!
Or listening to a piece by Tan Dun!
Lately dreams have been much less exciting,  less... more hohum!. 
It could just mean that with encroaching age comes wisdom, ahem - boredom?
But maybe it endemic?
Because..... are these the causes?
One has seen, read stuff, lived through enough experiences.
So that the current world shaking events seem not quite so -  ahem - world shaking!
Just a rerun of an earlier world shaking event ;-)!
Unless it's an earthquake. But even those have been before.
History tends to repeat itself. And every generation thinks IT has invented it! :-)!
This is a clip  of Network of the 76's and just as apropos - methinks - nowadays.

The news come out faster and in gorier details thanks to ubiquitous cell phones.
That is the difference.
And we seem to have become immune to it all.
Too much, too gory, too ...well, just too much!
And sensibilities are anesthetized. Sadly.
Now I don't quite know why that thought leads me to "Bread and Circuses"...
even the ancients knew the value of diversion.
Let them see blood and guts with lots of booze, and the daily horrors are in abeyance.
I feel under that category fall: Soccer games, Los Toros,  and such.
Also the annual Tomato Festival (in where else but Spain- how apropos Spain which IS full of frustration, not to forget Greece, but but where there is no tomato festival). 

It's all a diversion and, oh, so good for working off frustrations. 
I've rambled on enough! Right


Anonymous said...

Funny as usual. But true, too.

Anonymous said...

Re spam: And what about the Kenyan widow/doctor/refugee offering you access to an account with millions of dollars stashed away if only you send them a few thousand dollars first? I miss the snail mail scam telling me that I’ve won a Million Dollars. What happened to the scammers, I wonder – gave up? Died? Made enough money to retire to a South American country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty?