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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Lectures of Summer are Past.

Today was, alas, the last of the weekend lectures at the MFAH.

It was, in sort of a light hearted way, a fitting end to spring, one could say.
Rembrandt's airy drawings in forefront!
With a light touch of charcoal, ink, pencil or tiny brush he told a story.
He might have deepened the feeling by using a wash to emphasize light and dark.

Some of the samples discussed seemed like caricatures of plain people. In a very thoughtful way! Not to make fun of negatives. Rembrandt appeared to have enjoyed redrawing life's wrinkles!
His easy acceptance of old age and its beauty shines through everywhere.
Not that he did not try his pen and ink on landscapes, he did.
And the light touch stayed.
The drawings just seem so... un-Rembrandt when compared to his dark oils:

Drawings by some of his contemporaries and pupils show how
Rembrandt influenced them to "Tell a story". With a bit of imagination by the viewer one can certainly see the words - and thoughts, of the subjects.
For more on the Master, find some books to read.

In the past weeks, Gainsborough, Reynolds, Van Aelst,  Caravaggio, Van Dyke and other old masters were the lecture subjects. Many presented with rare humor by a local expert, others by visitors.
Modern art was not neglected.
Contemporary Art from MALBA is on show  ow:
From Rivera to Soto and  Lam.

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