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Monday, August 8, 2011

Signs of getting on...

when one forgets passwords? 
when one mixes up passwords?
when celebrating Birthdays becomes a chore?
when after a 'good' night's sleep one's body protests louder than before said night's sleep!
when one glass of the grape knocks one out for the count?
when eating beans becomes a carbon imprint?
when fog forms inside not outside?
when drinking a cup of espresso at night no longer keeps one awake?
when going shopping feels like climbing Mt Everest without oxygen?
when counting pills takes longer than eating breakfast?
when every shoe seems like an instrument torture?
when one step in the hot summer is like a taste of hell-skipping the purgatory?
and so on...wanna hop on and go for long voyage?
Cleveland: Lake View with ship by artandhockey
Ah, well.... just a torrid thought for a torrid day!

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Anonymous said...

well said.