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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Have you hugged your Book today?

Having spent a couple hours going through 'gently used' books for sale at the JCC this morning,
and walking away with 21 books, I simple must ask that question of you, chers readers.

So, have you hugged, AND READ, your book today?

I was truly amazed by number of people already eagerly in line at doors' opening.
Armed with rolling suitcases and huge shopping bags.
Even  :-) (actually rather well behaved - to the most part) kids in tow.
And books seem to take flight.

After my chosen ones were safely stowed, I went for my customary 'aquarobics'.
Finishing just in time.
On the stroke of 12 the pool opened to members' doggies
out for a Sunday swim.  After that the pool will be drained!

To be re-surfaced!

Then I remembered seeing an art book or two earlier, and went back for them.
Alas, those books, eyed earlier, were gone. 
One on 'El Greco in Toledo' (normally at 35.00) was still there in solitary splendor FOR JUST $ 1.oo.
It had a soft cover!

And I have already thumbed through it.

Admired the photos of all those saints El Greco painted so elongatedly!
Such as this  of 'Saint Sebastian'.
Or this of 'The Martyrdom of Saint Maurice and the Theban legion'!
Most seem to have been painted drawing the viewers' eyes upwards from far below  -
thus 'elongated' 
But in case of Saints it may be fitting!
Lift my Saints to Heaven   ......  :-) !

I also managed to fish up from one of the lowest shelves a soft bound tome on classical music!
Shelved - astoundingly under humor! WHY?
I guess I will have to read it to find out if the author wanted to write a parody on classical music, LOL!
Anyway, with 21 books for $21 I do have reading material for weeks to come.
IF my eyes can stand the strain!

And since there is neither hockey nor opera yet to divert me...let's go at them!


Ms. Conduct said...

How neat that they let the doggies swim! Enjoy your book haul!

artandhockey said...

This is a once in a ...decade? two decades? time happening.
As far as I can go back as member... the pool was seldom empty and NO dogs allowed.
BUT ... as the AEROws have a Chilly Friends night so can a pool, eh!