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Thursday, August 25, 2011

News from the Aeros front - New Coaches, New Jerseys

Meeting up with the NEW coaches and leaders of the Aeros was short but enlightening!
First Impressions:
Head coach at left 'The Torch' John Torchetti: will surely light some fires. And talked at length to media.
But he was somewhat reticent talking to fans.

At middle Mike VanRyn: he will be in the van in game strategies. He seems quite happy to be in Houston, as is his wife Amber (closer to her home -Miami) so that their two (new baby boy and a 2 yr lively girl) children's grand and great grandmas are only a short flight away.

At right Sebastien LaPlante: will have much to say in planting forwards and really appreciating the work goalies (he knows form personal experience) do, plus he seems to enjoy the internationality of the Houston area already...so many different languages, mais oui - French as well -  for a Quebecois, that's lovely!  Wife and 3 kids (girl, boy, girl) were not present. But school has started for some -so... Maman has to stay put.

All three coaches seemed eager to get going. Both assistant coaches have known Torchetti at one time or another and are happy with his approach, or so it seemed to me. All are newly arrived and not much strategy was talked about...nor did they know when per-season camp, and open practise will start...aeros.com may have that information.

And David Burke, coming 'home to the Houston area'. His wife (present)  is from New Orleans, so humidity and heat is not such a shock for them. Burke knows the drill and will motivate more fans, plus groups of them, to come to games. Sure it will be lots easier to fill the TC on weekends, but fill it he wants - all the time!
Robert Clarke Trophy in back of David Burke
(no, he's not related to of the Burke of Burke and Hare  of Edinburgh).
He most definitely wants it known that to please STH is foremost on his mind.
And he is versed in overcoming media and public's less than enthusiastic responses, as he was working for the Phoenix Coyotes previously. 

It really was a pleasant surprise to find them all so accessible to the fans who lined up to chat, to question and in general welcomed the new coaching staff. Fans happily thronged the Maple Leaf pub and munched on the Cheesecake Factory's generous fare.

THANKS to Pub for hosting the event. And the Factory for supplying the viands.
Van Ryn, LaPlante and Joe attentive to Torchetti's remarks.
Joe O'Donnell was a suave cheery voiced MC. But then he always is!
Three new jerseys were unveiled as well. The new rather attractive road jersey is green with gray sleeve stripe and red triangle at neck; the home jersey a simple white with green lettering, but the third seems the same as last years in white, green with red stripe down the side
-left, middle is the NEW road jersey.
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Anonymous said...

Third Jersey is the one with just the lettering acroso chest. The Home jersey is the one with the broad red strip down the sides.. and you are right that one looks very much alike some jerseys of teh apst which fans are wearing to games.