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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The first signs

that summer is nearing its end....
Opera in The Heights Guild Board meeting, OH Artists arriving for rehearsals,
HGOStudio members, as well, Houston Grand Opera's Open House...
all to happen within the next few weeks.
And rumours that Aeros schedule will be out soon, to pick one's playdates...;-)!

And that is good. A ray or two of excitement NOT caused by rioting or other horrors..
And that brings me to the onslaught of riots in the UK...
disenfranchised hooligans...with no barriers, no sense of honor... just greed for violence.
And that's all I am going to say. Not wasting one more minute on that.
Asa mumble aged person MY time is far too precious.
I want (yes I - me - want) to enjoy as much beauty as I can till... well, you get my drift.

all photos by artandhockey

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