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Split personality. Liking the arts, especially opera, and hockey and Los Toros. I know, I know THAT one is non pc currently. But I can't help it saw some in Spain and got hooked, but good. But on the other hand right now opera and hockey are in the forefront!


Thursday, September 2, 2010


I don't mean THAT TV program, which, BTW  I never watched and plan not to watch.
I mean lost without MY personal buddy, the Computer. Still uncertain of its future...why am I not a techie minded person? I have no clue what is wrong, is it really OLD age (of the computer-not only me ;-)!
Borrowing someone else's is OK for a bit but it lacks access to MY stuff..
so again patience is a virtue .. hang in there.
On the other hand, enforced inactivity, blogwise, opens time slots for reading, writing (yeah, there are still buddies of mine who have NO email) and more.

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