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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


And still there are people out there making excuses, diplomatically sound so they say!
That:   http://gu.com/p/2tnbh  disturbs me. 
But then, increasingly there is neglect of the arts in the Western World, the continuous undervaluing of the importance of a rounded education, which MUST include the arts. Despite the fact that there are numerous studies that claim MUSIC heals and improves learning! Is no one listening?

And what about: http://news.yahoo.com/s/time/20100729/wl_time/08599200726900.
How can this and other disfigurement of women (Somali and other African tribes, as far as is known) in the name of  "religion", in the name of  "culture" of a people, be accepted 'because it has always been done so '?
I shake my head in saddened disbelief!

But never fear we cannot escape homegrown "monsters".
Some, too, are alive and well and causing mayhem.
What makes a person 'snap' so terribly that he/she kills others when disappointed?

Are memories that short? Do we have to repeat history in all its gruesome details?
Have we been too complacent with success, comfortable living and the overwhelming presence of 'gadgets' to make life 'easier'? Hate to post one that's dealing with depressing and horrendous news.

So I will end with some pleasant news -at least for opera lovers: one of Houston Grand Opera Studio's alumnus, the Bass Eric Owens (here singing the High Druid Priest in NORMA)
 is making news with his more unexpected talents as conductor and oboeist in Aspen at the Sumnmer Festival..

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