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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The best thing about -

  • the coming hockey season IS waiting  for spectacular skating, scoring, few injuries, lots of old faces, and plenty new ones to raise our hopes for a CUP...be it Kelly, Calder or Stanley-the competition is THE thing and the edge of seat, nailbiter games are exhilarating - ALWAYS.
Hockey here! SOON.OCTOBER!

  • a vacation trip is the planning and the dreaming.
What to do, see, smell, feel, and best of all, to remember after.

The first stop the annual pilgrimage to Santa Fe and Opera !
A new opera and a rarely performed one.
And the enchantment that, to me, is New Mexico

The second stop:
really new territory-in Arizona.
The Red Rocks of Sedona-in a pink jeep?
Grand Canyon-via rail and bus ... the comfortable way there!
Feeling the ghostly presence of people past.
Petroglyphs, adobe houses, kivas...
Why did they abandon them?
Why did they move?
Die out?
Why? When?
Theories abound, none are 100% proven.
And their voices whisper in the wind-you still can hear them!
From an earlier trip: cliff dwellings at Manitou Springs Colorado: Anazasi?)

And dreams keep on dreaming!

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