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Monday, August 9, 2010

CRAB by another word Cancer.

HI, I'm a CRAB!
According to astrology I am supposed to be "intuitive and sentimental", and maybe I am, sometimes. Other times I'd need a "GET IT FOR DUMMIES 101" :)!

Am I "sympathetic and empathetic?  Traditional and maternal?" "Cancerians are said to make great parents!" Does that apply to virtual adoptions of 'soft spots'? 

Befriend a crab and you'll have a friend for life! 
Also on FB, just not on Twitter :).

  • "Crabs generally likes being at home" - well not this one!  Opera, hockey, museum, here I come!
  • "My so called, heart-not-head, but definitely crab(by) at times, personality makes me a little hard to interpret" -  a sense of the absurd by my friends would help them with getting along with this crab!
  • "Cancerians can be as tenacious" (Do like I say/Repeat after me!) 
  • "As they are sensitive" (poor baby, you hurt, let me kiss the booboo to make it better?),
  • "They roll up their sleeves and get to it"- get to where - don't ask, don't tell!
  • "It is said they make excellent nurses" - does lab work count? 
  • "Housekeepers"  - oy weh...somehow THAT gene went missing!
  • AND as "gardener" I am a hit-and-miss one!
  • "Journalist", now that is a WHAT IF item, a big WHAT IF!
  • "Cancerians' love of country gives them the base to be outstanding politicians", woohoo, did I miss my calling? NO fear, Obama et al,  I have no designs on your jobs ;-).

  • "Venus is said to reign, love and sex are important, for Cancerians will show sensitivity with lovers without a second thought. Crabs wallow in love, unattainable love or not, and marry for life" ..wallowing may be a tad exaggerated!

  • "Being born under the Moon instincts, moods, tides, personal interests, desires, needs, magnetism, growth, the need to touch, consciousness are character traits for crabs" ah, yes, yes, I am a hugger..just because its lovely to hug someone, anyone!  

  • "The color for Cancer is silver"-REALLY! 

  • "Likes relaxing near or in water" (does ice as in hockey, count?),

  • "Art" -yep, that one is ON the nose! 
  • "Travel destinations for the crab are: New York City, Amsterdam, Venice, historical sites" - yeah, that rings true-I love spending time where there are arts, opera, hockey, people and easy living :-)!
  • "Strength: Compassion, emotional sensitivity, tenacity"- I take the fifth on that!
  • "Weaknesses: Manipulative, clinging to the past"- weeellll that could be,  afterall I've HAD a long one already ;-)!
  • "packrat"-that one I have overcome after moving out of a big house!
some are actually GOOD!
  • "Charismatic Marks : medium (that's charitable, eh?) build, round face (but dominant nose)
  • "breasts" (yes, thank you, I do, and no desire to change them),
  • "Tendency to take charge"-well, really, one has to do it, right! So there!
And since it IS August, there is LEO a neighbor!
Hi,  neighbor of the Crab!
And herewith a bit of advice-
Crabs tend do that-give advice!
Leos are known to breathe fire, be full of pride, majestic in appearance, of broad shoulders, bilious of constitution, said to be good writer; also evil-minded, emotional, zealous, licentious; perhaps a bit childishly playful, at times selfishly overpowering of personality.
Hello, Neighbor let's play - I nip and you roar;-)!

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FellowCrab said...

Roaring lions nipped by crabs.. that IS funny!