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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ah, it IS coming...

hockey season, that is.
Blogosphere is heating up with roster discussions, sightings, weddings, complaints, critiques,  salary caps,  team movements, who owes whom what and how much, wishful thinkings, hailing the welcome new or old heroes, and 'thankful good byes' in some cases, comparions, and 'vote for your ...whatever'. The list IS endless.
It's really comforting to know that fans everywhere are eagerly sopping up news - any news, to pass the time till REAL hockey arrives.

A personal observation, most goalies seem to some of the least paid players!
Undervalued talents? Well, it is hard to value the finer moves - not being a goalie oneself?
Masked men appear too threatening?
Seems perhaps a hang over from the scary movies?
Or just not visibly cute enough?
Of course I am just kidding.
But do compare NHL contractual payments for the past 09/10 season:
of course what the actual annual pay out is depends on individual player ( and HOW good his agent),
team, age, and available cash.
So this is just a rough chart... but goalies DO make visibly less, don't you think?
Goalies:   $ 500.000 to   7.500.000
Centers:  $ 500.000 to 10.000.000
RW:       $ 500.000 to   7.900.000
LW:       $ 500.000 to   9.000.000
D:          $ 500.000 to   8.000.000

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