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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little bit of the Wild West ?

On the train to and from The Grand Canyon, while passing Ponderosa furs along curving upwards climbing tracks, passengers were 'entertained' by some imagined (?) Wild West fun: sheriffs shooting it out with Outlaws (What IS the difference between Outlaws and Inlaws? Outlaws are wanted :-)!) at the train depot BEFORE embarking on the train (wheelchair ramp equipped, as well).  Itinerant musicians regaling with banjo, guitar, mouth harmonica and accordeons...the banjo singer did have a pleasant voice (Trained?). The harmonica/accordeon player (above) was more slapstick and brought it off rather well..lots of laughter followed his progression through the train. Finally...what is that...riders with face masks in pursuit? Must be those pesky outlaws surviving the shootout :-D...to rob the train and still (leisurely - tee hee - pursued by the Marshall!)

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