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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

And the heat could not sustain it.

On a drizzly cold day at the ranch..
staying in.

Yesterday evening the Abbotsford Heat and the Rampage met in San Antonio, and we were there.
Within the first few minutes Mark Cundari of the Heat pushed the puck past a visibly surprised Jacob Markstrom. But that was it.

From then on the Rampage ramped it up and slapped home 5 goals, four on power plays by John McFarland, Joey Crabb and Colby Robak, Matt Gilroy, plus one unassisted goal by Bobby Butler.

Both teams basted a dozen or more 6 footers, with Ben Street at 6'7 straining ( lol) to catch up to (most likely his idol) Chara of the Bruins (6'9)! ;-)

Markstrom proved his worth after the initial unexpected one, and stopped 29 of the 30 the Heat threw at him, some saves we're rather spectacular. And so they very sparse audience (it was a Tuesday night after all AND colder than a witches....you know what) was rewarded by receiving a free chick filet coupon per person? AND we also caught the cow drop one in the second period. How lucky can we get, eh? Now we only have to buy fries and a drink in order to redeem one coupon for a chicken sandwich. Lunch for Better Half is assured, lol!

On the other hand the starting goalie for Abbotsford, Joni Ortio did not perform to his coach's, a former Aeros coach, Troy Ward, and was replaced in the third period by, visibly not quite ready, Joey MacDonald. Yes, he stretched a bit to try to warm up, but then the Rampage were at him almost continuously and still Gilroy managed to beat him with the fifth goal on another power play.

Over all an entertaining game, even if it seemed to us the skating was not quite as powerful and fast as in previous games, but who cares really, the home team won and the fans event away quite happy and warmed to their hearts by it! 

A good time was had.  And then it was back out in the cold .. as if inside the arena it had not been cold enough, as it usually is. Which made it strange that several players on both sides slid and slipped and fell.  And no, t'was not the fault of anyone. Two refs kept the game on pace and parceled out penalties seemingly unbiased. The penalty kill talent was most definetely on the Rampage side that night, letting the worst team beat the beast one. Before last night the heat stood at 23-11-1-1 versus the rampage with 12-20-0-3!  It seems that there were a lot less than the 3000plus the game report listed. Probably accounting all those seats that we're not occupied by season ticket holders! LoL.

Photos from the game will follow in the next day or so. I am note yet a costumed to using the iPad as camera at games....sure don't want it confiscated as "too large to be allowed " teehee,so only one rather dreary photo from the porch at the ranch....it IS cold and wet out there, warm and toasty inside. Just right for some reading and writing ! ;-).

And soon it will be time for Operas.  Stay "tuned".....cheers readers!

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