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Monday, January 13, 2014

Countdown to action-the new vacation plans!

Where, have we gone wrong?
After reading several articles in today's WSJ I am asking myself, what ever happened to relaxing and resting when on 'vacations'?

Why did the first article never suggest just going somewhere
pleasant, take a good book (in whatever form one prefers) and just veg out?
Why is it that everyone seems to be bent on working harder at vacations than, perhaps, at one's job?
Is it the craze for being on the move?
Google search - photo
The need for constant faster speed?
Getting a rush? Moving, moving, moving!
Because staying still and using one's little grey cells just doesn't do it in the quest for 'living on the edge'?

Do we really have to proof that we are still alive by hiking strenuously up into the stratospheric heights of
Or spending 8 hours days digging into the past at excavations, then falling onto cots exhausted?
Roman ruins in Malaga-photo by artandhockey
These are just 2 examples the WSJ article suggests as THE ULTIMATE in vacations for couples and families.
Yes, of course, it is interesting. Of course, it would teach kids hands on history, or would it? IMO as a child I rather played in the rivers or lakes when on vacation, maybe hiked the woods to search out, and eat, wild berries.
And mushrooms, which we also dried in the crisp mountain air to take home for use in sauces during the year, rather tasty reminders of a lovely, relaxing and refreshing vacations. During which, we also took time to read a book or more lazing in the high mountain meadows while the sun shone and the bees "zummed" (maybe like this?)
 at Mesa Verde by artandhockey
around the myriads of wild flowers.
And usually we were able to get a jar of 'wild flower' honey from the farmers around us to take home, too. And milk still warm from the cow which, if left out for a while, turned into real buttery buttermilk, naturally! Of course, nothing was pasteurized, then.
So, I think, between hiking to get fresh milk, gathering berries and mushrooms, we did get enough exercise paired with periods of pure rest.

google photo
Or when paddling downriver in our faltboats, first from the pier of the riversteamer we took up to Engelhartszell, then down to, and later from, the camping grounds back home! And even there .. there was plenty of activity: digging latrines, climbing up to the dismal ruin on the ridge high above the Danube which was, once upon a time, occupied by a Raubritter-Austrian robber baron old style ;-). You can see the steep climb quite well on this picture of the Schloegener Schlinge-below.  Mostly we bathed (yes, indeed) in the Danuberiver, walked to the farmers' to watch (help?) with the churning of butter (reward: a medium, very yellow, butter ball to take back to Vienna with us). Or 'supervised' the haying, milking. Going on hunts with the farmer - out on an early morning, climbing up and sitting perfectly still in the blind.
Schloegener Schlinge-google photo
And always enjoying lots of reading, for fun, not school, I must add!
The second article that caught my eye, was about a man who opened a REAL bookstore after he retired from a hectic business life! 
He really did, what a lot of us bookworms would love to do!
QM2 library by artandhockey
So, I salute him for living his dream! YOU DID IT!

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