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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Richard Tucker Gala-seen on PBS 1/10

So, I was NOT there in Avery Fisher Hall that November 17, last year, to have enjoyed first hand the dazzling array of world class opera singers with their beautiful voices. Yes, indeed...over the decades I rarely missed any telecasts of this event.

Of course, there was a review the day after, which, I may add, I DID not read, until just now, when I posted this link.

With which I mostly agree.

Of course, I am a bit biased towards all former Houston Grand Opera Studio alumni (Greer Grimsley, Eric Owens, Joyce DiDonato), but having heard and admired ON STAGE at HGO several others (Fleming, Graham, Perez) as well, it sure felt like a glorious reunion for which I have waited so long (all of 3 months) to see telecast.
To select which singer made the deepest impression is darn hard. Yes, really!

BUT to me Joyce DiDonato, the current (2013) Award winner Isabel Leonard, both mezzi, but with a difference; and powerhouse soprano Angela Meade simply bowled me over! Could not help but yell BRAVA after each of their performances.
DiDonato with Tanti affetti, followed by Angela Meade with Tu al cui sguardo onnipossente and a sample by Isabel Leonard-enjoy them all:

Rereading the review, it seems to me that the telecast was a shortened by a few songs or was it? Because, cher readers I WAS there at 9 PM sharp, almost salivating in advance of the smorgasbrod of talent and sounds.

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