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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hockey pics, and more, from a wintery San Antonio

Is that the sun? And then the rains came


Raindrops like pearls

Water vapor on indoor/outdoor pool

Deserted beach  in the  rain

Even the bushes wept ;_)
Well, we made it back safely.. although being befogged for half the trip, then driving through down pour after down pour made for a nail biting 3 hours.

But the game was fun: posting a series...from the 3. period after starting goalie Ortio was replaced by Joey MacDonald....
he really tried his best..making 6 saves of 7 shots


and Three: That one did not go in!

Troy Ward, somewhat unhappy head coach

McFarland's goal  in 1. to even score

Joey Crabb goal in 3.

Trocheck hugs Crabb enthusiastically
Ortio-starter goalie, with Lafranchise
McDermit trips over Markstrom's stick
  and falls, Markstrom stays watchful :-)

Abbotsford's Granlund.. doesn't he look a bit like the Wild's?

Robak, Butler and Gilroy, were the 3 stars of the game and here late blooms for them:


Anonymous said...

Befogged? Downpour? Can't impress me. You want some real bad weather stories? Here in Toronto, we had an ice storm that brought down trees and left 300,000 households without electricity. That was Nature's Christmas present. Then came the New Year's present: record deep freeze. We escaped to Los Angeles, but my fellow Canadians are still suffering, this time rain on top of the ice. Beat that, Texans!

artandhockey said...

Anon.. Oh, I do feel for your fellow Torontonians (correct?)! I have, literally, become allergic to cold temps... am sooooooo happy I live NOW in Texas.

La will see us mid May!