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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Saying Goodby is hard to do

This weekend  two people  I loved, admired and am happy to have known, left for a better place=heaven. (that is if one believes in heaven - and unless someone belies it, I do believe).

The first was one whom I loved like a sister even though she was ONLY a cousin, and a much older one, indeed.  When I was small, I called her auntie, because she was almost 20 years older than I, the oldest daughter of my father's older brother. Later as I matured (;-) we went to calling us by first name. She was THE one, who kept up a faithful correspondence (snail mail!) to keep me informed about the lives of my extended family in Wien! I shall miss her dreadfully. I am afraid, this red threat to my kin over there will snap, as I do not see any of her kids or grandkids or great grandkids taking up the slack to continue, snail mail (what's that?) and even email may not serve. SADLY.
I am so happy I was privileged to have seen her once more last spring on our 2 months stay in Europe. R.I.P. Lotte, dearest cousin!

The second - about whose passing I have just been told - was a person whom I admired much. He was a fighter for freedom during WWII, in Austria.
He wrote books, published others.
He nurtured thoughts that seemed impossible to attain in this world of 'selfies'. And more! Yes, he was opionated at times, but only because he cared so much! 
Fritz, it was a joy to have met you and experienced your passion for what IS right and what ought to done to change and better it!
Wien - Der österreichische Publizist und Verleger Fritz Molden ist am Samstag (11.01.) im Alter von 89 Jahren nach kurzer Krankheit gestorben. Das teilteThis is how I shall remember Fritz -  especially anytime I re-read his books (in German) and I will. 
This is how I want to remember Fritz, not like the photo in the Wikipedia article, even IF it is the latest.

For more details read this: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Molden

And in an other vein...the demise of blogs!
Seems several bloggers whose posts I have enjoyed reading over the years, have vanished from the blog scene. 
And I do wonder why? Have they, too, died? Or have they just lost interest. 
Perhaps they have  gone on to the next fad?  Which I am not au courant with!
Nor do I want to?
Or have the gone to Twitter? If they are, well,  OK for them. I will not tweet or read tweets. Tweets are simply not sufficient for my thirst for news! 
They are not on Facebook.
Well one, that I know, is! Others are not found .. and I have tried.
So farewell to you, too!


Anonymous said...

Gone to a better place, and living on in cyberspace through your commemoration.

artandhockey said...

Thanks. I appreciate your taking time to read AND comment.