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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

OUT with the old, IN with the new..

and it is time to reflect - if one wants - on the past year 2013. A year filled with momentous events, deaths of the famous and not so famous, good news and bad, fun times, pain,
and so much more.
As my chers readers know, we spent 2 months in the OLD home country..

Wien, the church spire at right is where I grew up!
sailing to and from.

Followed by THE PIB and 2 sets of injections which - finally - worked.

Some great operatic experiences, some not so great.

Some fun hockey times...

Everblades vs Eagles

Fall pods in Hill country
even if one had to travel to have them!

But, as they say, travel broadens one's mind.

The joys of looking at fall pods interspersed with late blooming flowers.
Pelican grooming
The beauty of birds at rest,
in flight,and while diving for food - that one was too fast for my finger on the button -
thus this
Sunset at Bonita Springs

Sunrise in the Hill country
Sun's Reflection on the Gulf
The changing light over water and land.
Admiring the architecture of the Old countries............
 and the New ....
Bridge over (untroubled) waters
Museum experiences in Florida and Germany

Dali in St. Petersburg

The Ishtar gate in Berlin Museum

And so it went.....
Full of fun and excitement.
But also pain and , finally, relieve!

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