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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Blame Game

Now, I just read in the WSJ that robots may advise you how to invest your hard earned money!

So if the robot is wrong you can just blame the robot, not your lazy self!

And then - eureka - THE revelation for today!
We have become a society of the committee decisions!
It is just too dangerous to make any decisions unless a committee has met numerous times to 'yeah or nay' the thought! Isn't it?
So we waste a lot of time pushing the envelope around the table.
Our society has become a society of  never stepping forth and accepting:  It IS my mistake!
No, it's: "I wouldn't have done it, if ...." or "You said it would be OK, but..."

And that's from the top down! Yes, all the way!

Isn't it always 'the' parent's fault.
Or the School's. Or the teachers'. Or the smart phones'.
Or the Universities'. Or the boss'.

Or the Congress'. Or the House of Representatives.

I have an idea: let's put a robot in the house!
And let it make decisions for the Country!
What could go wrong?
If it doesn't work..  Blame the robot!
If it does work, pat yourself on the back for being so smart to have used a robot!

Now those 'not I's' have another one to blame.
"Blame it on the Robot". 
Blaming it on the Bossa Nova is soooo pre-historical, after all.

If anyone actually still remembers Eydie Gorme.

Tomorrow will, undoubtedly, bring another idea to tongue lash!
But for today: That's all!


Erika Rummel said...

Which reminds me of an article in the Toronto Globe & Mail, 11 Sept: "Flag raised over robotic-surgery mishaps." Erin Izumi sued the hospital in Tacoma, Wash. after a robot tore her colon and rectum. "A 2010 study found that 56.8 percent of surgeons surveyed anonymously said they had experienced irrecoverable operative malfunctions while using [a robotic surgery] system"!

artandhockey said...

Unfortunately, robots are NOT perfect, neither are humans.