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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Enlightenment - just around the corner at MFAH.

Sky over Galisteo
Mother Nature's outside light show in New Mexico.
And so I was reminded when visiting the installation of Kames Turrell's The Light Inside at the MFAH.

Turrell's Deep Sky
The rooms are filled with may hued colors. Some are small lit up forms, others are in surround color - :-)! To enter the fuchsia hued (at the time of my passing through) cube (up the steps in black) one dons booties. The color suffuses walls, ceiling, floors..one feels like in a multi hued womb. Others show back lit walls, which just asks visitors to start finger shadow games.. just like when we were young. Or didn't you. chers readers? And some just Tsk'ed, Tsk'ed...guess they did not have imagination enough to create their own 'art'? Perhaps they thought it a desecration  :-)!
 And then there were the black on white prints.

After a surfeit of color filled rooms I ambled over to the wall of Posada's Calaveras prints.
What was it that  inspired several artists to portray their world as skeletons?  The Mexican Posada lived 1852-1913.

 Mexican Tour de France on drugs :-)?
A newer painter, John Alexander, born Beaumont, Texas 1945, also paints similar satirical images!
Are these meant to be parodies of local life, politics and religion?
Posada's art becomes folk art especially for the Dia de los Muertos November 2. Which in Europe is celebrated as All Souls Day, while November 1 is All Saints Day! In Mexico as also in most European countries these are the days to visit cemeteries.

Posada's take on society:-)

Posada: Addressing the nation ;-)?
Posada: Cleaning up the city? :-)

And then there was the Belgian artist James S. E, Baron Ensor, 
born 1860-1949... got a bit sidetracked there. Anyway.. it was an interesting, although tiring visit despite walking with my trusty - guess I am not as 'back to normal' after the prolonged PIB and subsequent cortisone shots, as I thought!
James Ensor's take on society?

Ensor's Skeletons warming themselves at a fire

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