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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A haven for artandhockey???

This was written up in the WSJ today.

SONG OF LIFT 2013 2nd prize
Martijn van Wagtendonk's installation in 3-D :"Song of Lift’ is a 5-minute long, fully automated, viewer sensitive opera. A fourteen-armed circular structure hangs in the center of the blackbox’s 25-foot ceiling. Its 12-foot arms hang down like a closed umbrella. From the arms, strings hang over a hundred winged objects just above the ground. This is the center of the play. A quarter machine, like you might find on mechanical horse rides for kids, allows the viewer to set the opera in motion. As the viewer deposits a coin in the quarter machine, the gallery lights dim. The opening, soft, long notes of violins become barely audible (the first movement of Henryk Gorecky’s Symphony No.3 Op. 36, also known as Symphony of Sorrowful Songs). As the piano intersects with its staccato keystrokes, an automated light show starts creating an ever-changing atmospheric environment. At this moment the first pairs of wings begin to flap."
I am off to Grand Rapids MI, also home to the 22nd*best beer of America city*, right? Looks a bit like Florence to me, but then.. after a few beers it just really might do that ;-)

Well, not exactly. BUT -if I had known earlier...
2 weeks of ART; see above.

Plus "Sweeney Todd", 
several Symphony performances  - not sure if the above excerpt will also be played just then ;-)!

and ending with an early October of: "The Jersey Boys"

AND The Grand Rapids Griffins
 vs Milwaukee Admirals on 10/18.

For what more could an artandhockey lover ask???

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