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Thursday, August 29, 2013

QM2 and home..

a quiet transatlantic crossing on QM2.. a bit of  rough seas did not bother us. Lurching along  seemingly miles and miles of corridors (it was too windy and cold for me on the Promenade deck) made for great exercise. Enjoying the food in the dining room. Disliking the food in King's Court(if one did not dress up-only part of the King's Court and part of the Winter garden were open). The library was truly immense. The librarians knowledgeable Cabins were comfortable and sleep was great.. like being rocked in a giant cradle lol! Had great time, met interesting people.
Grand Piano-great staircase
One advice: IF you LOVE strong good coffee... look for the section dedicated to GERMAN coffee, The other kind seemed like brown dishwater. Also, at the German coffee section you will find THE best Brotchen=rolls, sweet, salty, from all kinds of dough!
Brief look at Southampton's shore (miraculously NO rain) and then onwards to Newark, and after a visit with friends in New Jersey back to H town.
Southampton shore line

Winter garden

Ship's Center way

A quiet place for reading while watching waves off side

Dining room lower level

An empty sundeck - too windy

Library -10,ooo + books
New York, New York
Welcome to USA

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